Who doesn’t know Milan may think it is as a restless and grey metropolis made only by smog and cars, but who lives this city at full can easily state that this is not true at all!

In fact, from Hotel Milano Scala Hotel we can easily reach wonderful “green quarters” where it is possible to have relaxing walks and spend some time in the nature. 

Here you find a little guide about the best parks in Milan, with some curious details and some historical information for tourists and curious people. 


Going out from our hotel, walking through via Dell’Orso and via Cusani (5 minutes walking), we can find Parco Sempione and the magnificent Sforza Castle

The park has a very ancient history full of amazing details. The area nowadays known as Parco Sempione was built on a 200 years old park abandoned after the Italian Unification and used as farmland. Part of this green area became a military training zone for the future royal soldiers to fight any future war. Hereafter the park was renewed and reshaped in many manners. Between 1888 and 1894 it finally became Parco Sempione with all the improvements designed by the architect Alemagna. 

Inside this Park there are several must-sight places: of course the Sforza Castle (with its art museums and guided tours), the Arena Civica (the neoclassical stadium in Milan dated back in 1802), the Torre Branca (a steel tower that offers a beautiful view on Milan), the Aquarium, the Design Museum and the beautiful Arco della Pace.  


Entering from via Manzoni or via Palestro, radically different are the Indro Montanelli Gardens, dedicated to the great Italian journalist and historian famous for his bravery and sense of humour. This park is older than Sempione, it was commissioned almost a century before - in the late 18th century - by the Hasburg family to the great architect Piermarini to create a beautiful French style garden, vaguely similar to Versailles and its flower borders. Among the main attractions of this vast garden there are two “jewels” as the Natural History Civic Museum and the “Ulrico Hoepli” Planetarium, designed by the renowned architect Portaluppi in full Neo classical style in 1930. As soon as visitors enter this palace, they can admire a unique and wonderful asset of planets, constellations and stars. 


Another beautiful place is the Gardens of Villa Reale, located in the same area, commissioned by Count Lodovico Barbiano Belgiojoso to the Austrian architect Leonard Pollack, a pupil of the renowned Milanese Giuseppe Piermarini, as a park for its luxurious city residence. 

This park is the first Milanese example of English style garden, to create a space "as nature intended", and still today it represents an incredible and harmonious gathering of nature and architecture where people can relax. People can also visit the palace and admire a series of wonderful paintings, like the frescoes with mythological themes in full Neoclassic and Pre Romantic style.  


Well, Milan is a park city and many “green areas” demonstrates it, as the Trenno Park. Situated in quarter of San Siro, the park is quite extended and well equipped for sport lovers, children and families: from the gym to skating track to picnic area. 


Among the best parks in Milan we have to mention the City Forest, a great green area in the city outskirts where youngsters and older people can have fun and relax admiring a wide selection of trees and plants, from willows to maples, in a very fascinating and poetical area. 

Actually this is not a garden, and neither a park. It’s a real forest in the city! This is the first example in Italy of urban forestation, covering an 80-hectare area, with dense forest in alternation with meadows, tracks, and agricultural crops.

Among the attractions here available, we recommend a XV Century Cascina (a traditional rural building in North Italy) and a series of little lakes and torrents that complete the landscape. 


In the same district, at San siro neighborhood, taking the metro and getting off at QT8 stop we arrive to a great green area called Montestella Park, also nicknamed by Milanese people “Montagnetta di San Siro” (literally Little Mountain) because of it shape similar to a hill. It was realized with the rubble from the Second World War bombings on Milan and it has now become a gorgeous park. 

So in Milan there are many parks and starting from Hotel Milano Scala we can easily reach several of them. 

Also our Hotel Milano Scala can be considered a green gem in the city center, surrounded by our beautiful vertical garden of jasmine plants, our rooftop vegetable garden and the stunning Sky Terrace Bar, where you can have a panoramic aperitif in front of a 360° view on Milan.

Book your stay and discover our green side!

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